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» Shopping Markets in Armenia

Shopping Markets in Armenia

Last Update 2020/12
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Shoka – Shoka Market is a market for snacks that is suitable for making vegetables, fruits, pastries and nuts. Armenian pastries are very similar to Iranian baklava and they are very tasty.

vernissage – Market vernissage is a large and popular market that is open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and is one of Yerevan’s tourist attractions. Jewelry, silverware, paintings, crafts, antiques, books and more are on the market. Also includes city tours, recreation, visiting national churches and galleries and museums in Armenia and sports tours in Armenia and reservations, renting and selling apartments and suites, heating and cooling villas, Solo and group tours, Lake Swan & Delijan ,Tattoo Visiting (the world’s largest telecabin), Jermuk, Yerevan City Tour, company registration and 1 year residency visa in Armenia as well as binatour are ready to work with all agencies around the world and Armenia. Keep in touch for city tours (galleries, museums, churches).

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